Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planning for 2nd IVF Cycle

I spoke to my doctor yesterday. She said my embryos were a B+ and a B-. Whatever that means. I always get the feeling my clinic is trying to skate by this type of data without really giving it proper attention. I mean I realize not everybody wants to know this level of detail, but I'm an information hog. I want to know everything, about everything!

She wants to keep me on the same medication for the next cycle and just increase the dosages.

follistim 300 twice a day
menopur 75 twice a day

I'm a little surprised that they are not changing the meds at all. And I got the impression that they only have one other protocol for "young patients." That is is a down-regulation protocol. She said that she felt my response to the meds was appropriate for my age. And when I asked why no BC pills and a change of meds she said "well, large randomized studies have shown that none of that really makes a difference, anyway." Uhhh, thanks! "But of course we don't know how it will effect you on an individual basis." Yeah, thanks. I'm not ready to start clinic hopping, but I'm annoyed.

I did get one piece of good news. Apparently my 25% copay on the infertility medication is only up to $2,500. After that it's 100%. I'm nearly at $2,500 already! But that means I need to do as much of this stuff as I can this year. Still, I'm trying to tell myself that, even if I have to wait a month to start (due to scheduling), I will not get all worked up over it. I'll just use that month to lose some of the weight I've gained. I was already overweight before all this mess started. Now I'm just miserable.

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