Sunday, April 11, 2010

IVF Stim Day 10

At my ultrasound today they saw the same three follicles on my left ovary. They are measuring 16, 17, 24 today. I was very surprised that the one grew 10mm in two days. Is that normal or does that mean there is probably something wrong with that egg?

I have not heard from my nurse yet but I'm assuming they'll have me trigger tonight for a Tuesday retrieval. I'm really nervous and all I can seem to think about are negative outcomes. I sure will be glad when this is over!

Update: nurse called to say trigger is at 9:45. My estrogen level was only 1500 which is down from 1685 on Friday. That worries me. The nurse said they added a progesterone level to my bloodwork to make sure I haven't already ovulated. I have no idea what they'll do if it's elevated.


  1. Just wanted to say best of luck with your retrieval tomorrow! Keeping fingers crossed that everything goes well for you.