Monday, April 5, 2010

IVF Stim Day 3

Last night sometime, my ovaries started to become kind of painful. It's not unbearable, but I can definitely feel them, and they're sore. Since this started after only 3 full days of injections, I'm really worried about how bad this will get before retrieval. I'm scheduled for day 6 ultrasound this coming Wed. I'm just trying to stay busy hoping I can keep my mind off it.

I've been trying to exercise a little every day. I'm so scared about the severe bloating I keep hearing about with IVF and since I need to lose weight, anyway, I'm trying to counteract that side effect as much as I can. So far, it's working. I don't really feel bloated at all. Just sore.

I didn't sleep well last night. Probably because I had a long nap earlier in the day and we were up late watching movies. I hate starting weeks like this. To summarize, I'm grumpy. And sore.

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