Tuesday, April 27, 2010



First IVF cycle, the end.


  1. So sorry to hear....but please hang in there. This whole process takes strength and persistance. I endured 7 IUI's, 3 complete IVF's (with very poor response) and a last cancelled IVF #4 converted to IUI #8. Guess what, we finally succeeded. I sincerely hope you don't have go through that many procedures, but keep your eye on the end goal and don't give up!

  2. My heart is breaking for you! I checked your blog 20 times today, waiting for your update. Gina, I'm so so sorry. Hang in there the best you can.

  3. I'm sorry!
    Same thing for me, a couple of weeks ago.

  4. I'm so sorry, Gina. The per cycle odds are just crappy when you get to be our age but I was so hoping you'd beat them.

    Hang in there. Do something really nice for yourself this week and try not to get too discouraged.