Monday, November 30, 2009

She Won't Call It Negative, Yet

17 days past ovulation
spotting since 10dpo
negative pregnancy test

I have read all sorts of stuff on the web about Clomid causing a longer than usual luteal phase but I decided to call my RE today, anyway, to ask what I should be doing.

me "I'm 3 days late but with a negative pregnancy test. Does the Clomid cause a longer cycle?"
her "Not really."
me "Well, what should I do?"
her "Wait until you are 10 days late and test again and call me with results. Negative, I'll give you something to make you start. Positive, we'll do blood work and an early ultrasound."
me "I don't think I'm pregnant. I've been spotting since 10dpo just like I was doing before my period in prior months."
her "Well, not necessarily. A lot of women have spotting in early pregnancy."
me "Is it possible that my 'spotting' could have been my actual period?"
her "I don't think so. Your endometrial stripe was 9mm so you should have a normal period."

Just when I'm getting past the sadness of another negative, she throws me a bone. Stringing me along like a bad boyfriend.

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