Friday, July 9, 2010

IVF #2 Stim Day 10

In a surprise new twist, my right ovary woke up and produced a follicle.  It's only one, but I'm rejoicing over it since that's the ovary I had surgery on years ago and throughout my fertility treatments, it has never produced a single one. I hope this one is magic.

My retrieval is scheduled for this coming Sunday.  I have 3 follicles measuring 17, 17 and 15.  It's not much but considering I only had 1 measuring 12mm on Tuesday, I'm thrilled. I thought I was surely going to be cancelled.  Imagine my surprise when I went for my third ultrasound yesterday and they said I had 3, including that magic one on the right?

I've had 3 acupuncture sessions so far this cycle.  The first one was on day 3 when I started injections, the second one was on Tuesday after I was told I only had 1 follicle and the 3rd one was last night.  I've been trying to do some visualization exercises where I'm picturing my ovaries filled with follicles, all measuring exactly 16mm.  And considering they went from 16, 15, 12 to 17, 17, 15 in one day, I think it is working.  The mind is so powerful.  Wow.  Remember last month when I had that one follicle which grew from 16 to 24 in 2 days?  That is what I was afraid was going to happen with the one measuring 16 yesterday.  I just knew I'd come back in and they'd tell me that the 12 was only a 13 but the 16 was now a 20.  The message here, use your minds, people.  We are powerful in ways we don't fully understand.  Take advantage of it. 

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  1. Yayyyy for 3 follicles!!! And I love the idea of the lucky one!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!! Stay positive!