Monday, March 29, 2010

T Minus 3 Days to IVF

I took my last birth control pill today. I also had my ultrasound and estradiol test today. I was surprised they had me do that since I thought the ultrasound was usually done at the beginning of a cycle, not the end. When the nurse called she said everything looks good, except "are you spotting at all? your lining is pretty thick." Um yeah! Like I practically started my period today. She said that was fine. No more pills after today. I'm on cycle day 22.

I start injections this Friday. When I called to order the meds the lady at the pharmacy asked if I wanted to whole order or part of the order. I told her all of it, then promptly started questioning that. In fact, I left a message for the nurse asking if people in my "category" have a high incidence of cancelled cycles. Because I started thinking if, God forbid, I don't respond at all, I'll have all that expensive-ass medication here. And I'd rather have the money thank you very much. For those of you who've done IVF, did you get all your meds at the same time? Or a few days at a time?

I'm also really wishing I had a cycle buddy. I feel pretty darn alone. Any of you out there starting around the same time?


  1. I stumbled upon your blog this morning. I had much worse outcomes than yours -- FSH of 13, a cancelled first IVF cycle. It is really hard. We took a two month "break", did accupuncture and got pregnant the second month. Baby is due in four weeks. I just turned 42. I have a feeling all will be well with you. IVF is a real rollercoaster, for both you and on a relationship from my experience. Do your best, think good thoughts, and I will keep reading ...I am very hopeful for you.